Why Interim Management?

The challenges of my customers

Someone has left the ship, and a bit faster than planned.

Or: Another course must be taken.

And: It is in uncharted waters.


In their departments and enterprises my clients meet challenges of this very nature. In other words, they are looking for someone to take over the bridge. And that person must be available quickly, assess and evaluate the situation, and immediately take over the steering wheel.

Interim Management as a solution


The demands on companies are getting higher. On the one hand, there are currently core issues in focus, such as efficiency improvements, optimization and restructuring. On the other hand, there is an increasing need to adapt to rapid technology cycles. Companies lack the time for permanently binding the right people in.


Interim Managers help companies to address specific situations like these safely.


Interim Managers listen, watch, adapt - and then take on the lead and deliver results. This is the main difference to classic business consultants, for these do not have responsibility to implement their own recommendations at the end.

"Interim Management means to be captain for a time.

It means to take over the same responsibilities and to turn the steering.

And once the ship is safe in harbour, to leave the bridge and to safely pass it over."

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