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I am a dynamic and target-oriented leader who knows how to convince with a quiet and open way, as well as with structured and sustainability focused work.
I have extensive, diverse experience in strategic and operational supply chain management, as well as broad experience in the project management of multinational and interdisciplinary teams.
My great challenges are to newly align companies and persistently realize high cost reductions. This I master by organizational skills and strong persuasiveness in the fields of customer service, production logistics, distribution and warehousing logistics, procurement logistics and production and sales planning.
Very good analytical item- and process-related orientation is my specific strength. This I couple with the willingness to make decisions and to involve the employees in accordance to promote but also to demand.


As a private person I feel most comfortable in the midst of my family and enjoy spending time with my grandchildren. "Carpe diem" is my motto. Nevertheless, my life is dominated by performance. For me, ambition, discipline, determination and hard work play an important role in the attainment of success. But I am also influenced by the joy of my own ability, and the maximization of my own talents. "Only the hard-working succeeds in the long run."


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